About Us

Welcome! We’re thrilled to share our personal experiences about living in Costa Rica and enjoying fine wine!

Bill and I have spent our entire lives living and traveling around the world, and know of no better place for a second home or permanent residence than Costa Rica.

Likewise, we also want to share our love for fine wine with our friends and family. We love great wine so much that we are now partners of a fine winery in San Diego using grapes from Washington. We invite you to attend one of our Costa Rica Retirement/Investment Wine Tasting Events at our Gianni Buonomo Winery in Ocean Beach, San Diego!


Meet the Team

Meet the team

Remember when you last bought a home or investment property? Was it a painful and confusing experience with many unknowns and miscommunications throughout the search and contract phase with more surprises at the closing table? Or was it a smooth and easy process where you were educated upfront on what to expect and kept informed every step of the exciting and fun filled journey from the search, legal negotiations and inspections leading to a no surprise closing? Having the right team to guide you is the solution you are looking for. We are looking forward to making your Costa Rica dreams come through!

Meet the Team